Working as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, I travel across the UK working on big outside broadcast, learning projects and local radio promotion.

Adrian and James on top of the BBC Bus


I live in Catforth just outside of Preston with my wife, Margaret and children, Jessica and Joel.

The BBC Bus

In April 2008 I started a stange job for the BBC. Taking a bus around England for local radio promotion, obs and outreach.

Corona Virus

Many events have been called of in 2020 due to the corona virus.

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For more information view adrianchenery.co.uk, email me or call me on 07140013. (BBC Internal Only)

Copywrite Adrian Chenery 2020

This website it to keep freinds and family up-to-date with news photos about what I am up to when I'm away.   


adrianchenery.co.uk and blog.adrianchenery.co.uk are a personal hobby page updated by Adrian Chenery about the work he is doing/has done for the BBC.  It in no way represnts any opion of the BBC and all coments are that of Adrian Chenery and not that of the BBC.