Joel Chenery

Born on the 26th of May 2009, at Preston Royal Infirmary, Joel is the second and last (at the moment) child of myself and Margaret. 

2012 was the fisrt Christmas that Joel really understood what was going on.   He got so exited I though that there was no way that we would get any sleep on Christmas Eve.   Jessica wanted to stay up to meet Santa but Joel went to bed early.

In the morning Joel got up at the normal time but had forgot what day it was.  Jessica on the other hand slept in.

Whenthey both got up and relisied it was time to open the presents that were waiting in the living room.   

More dolls for Jessica and a police bike for Joel were among the gives they opened however there where more to come after a visit to Grandma and Grandad's. 

A Drumkit  for Joel and a Karaoke machines  where given.   Im not sure that Grandad wants me to get any sleep.

Joel is now at Catforth school where he is in reception.  He does find it fun at school but his big sister does help him out if he gets stuck. 

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Happy Birthday

In May 2012 Jessica turned 5 years old and Joel turned 3 years old. 

We held a joint party for both of them at a local softplay area with games, food and face painting.

Snow Joke

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Dream no longer.... 

The snow came and we went for a walk down the feilds.


Joel's Photos.

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