Adrian's and Margaret's Wedding Day

A Lancashire Lad, I grew up in the Mill town of Darwen.  Staying there until I moved to Hull in 1996 to study at the University Of Linconshire and Humberside.

Studying Media in Hull during the winter I headed off to Ayr in Scotland, during the summer  norking at the Butiln's holiday camp as a Redcoat.

My Graduation year was 1999 when I spent most of the year between Hull, Dundee and Minehead, which was my second Butlin's holiday camp. However I had to leave before at the end of 1999.

After 6 months as an actor touring Ireland I started Work as a freelance for BBC Radio Lancahire.  Freelance work offers came from Manchester too but my first real contract was at BBC Radio Derby.

By the time I moved to Derby in 2002 I had already met Margaret.   She was to be come my wife on the 30th of May 2005 and we lived together in Derby until 2006.

In 2006 we moved from Derby to Hull to take up a job for BBC Radio Humbersdie.

It was while we were there that we were blessed with our first Child.  Jessica was born on the 7th of May 2007 at Hull Royal Infirmary. (Bank Holiday Monday) 

However things in Hull were not to last long and after the birth of Jessica I got asked to work for BBC Radio Solent for a month and then a share between BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio York. That was the start of the next stage in my life.   

In October 2007 I got called back into Hull and got told that I was up for redundancy.  I didn't know then but that was the start of the best part of my life.

I quickly got offered a job with the BBC English Regions Bus, working across the country for all the BBC Local Radio Stations.

I started that job on Jessica's first Birthday,  by that time we had already moved back to Lancahire to live on Margaret's family  farm.

It was just over a year later that Joel was Born.  Just over two years after Jessica, Joel was born on the 26th of May 2009.


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Happy Birthday

In May 2012 Jessica turned 5 years old and Joel turned 3 years old. 

We held a joint party for both of them at a local softplay area with games, food and face painting.

Snow Joke

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Dream no longer.... 

The snow came and we went for a walk down the feilds.

Family Tree

Family Tree

I have just started  looking into my family tree.

Some of the details are still to be filled in however if you can help or just want to have a look.  Click Here.

For more information view, email me or call me on 07140013. (BBC Internal Only)

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